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First of all, I Am Pretty. I do not eat, sleep, or play. I was created to do one thing. One thing ONLY. Send you $5 payments all day, every day.  In fact, I will send you $5 every time I make a sale for you, I will NEVER STOP sending you $5 payments that multiply over and over, forever and ever.  5 Dolla Money Lines is my last name. My first name is Jill. I am Your Artificial Intelligence Money Maker...

When you put me in front of eye-balls, I will send YOU $5 for the sales I Make for you. I will SEND YOU $5 for EVERY sale I Make for YOUR REFFERALS. For each and every referral that I Get for you. I never fail to do this. I am pretty. People love to stare at me. I do one thing only. I make you money.


Who doesn't need advertising?  Who doesn't need extra cash to advertise more and more?   I am attractive. I will give you the best of both worlds and, a complete, REAL, low cost business you can be proud of, right out of the gate. A complete business that pays. When you put me in front of more and more eye-balls, I will send you more and more $5 payments all day, every day!!


My name is JILL. JILL stands for Joyously Insane Leveraged Loot. Simply show me to everyone who wants to advertise their other businesses  and make money at the same time.  It is important to understand that when I say, "I" or "Me", I am referring to this website. That's who I am. I am artificial. I am intelligent. I am pretty. I am JILL.

When someone purchases my services, and all I have to offer, they are in business instantly.  They can advertise here directly on me. I am a high traffic artificial intelligence network. They are immediately caught up in my allure and show me to others. They receive HUGE commission for every ad package I sell for them.  Plus, ...

In addition to earning $5 for every sale I make for you (more reason to show me to others), you will also receive a 100% Vertical exceleration Bonus on all referrals commission - ALL OF THEM.  

What does that mean in JILL talk?

"Every dime I make for them, I will send you that Exact amount too"

Am I becoming your BEST Artificial Friend ever or what?

Do you see the power in what I can do for you?

When I make 10 sales for you, that's $50 to you.  Yours to do whatever you want with.  But, it doesn't stop there and that 's the beauty of it.  

I want to explain something to you but first, I want to STOP speaking in first person. I really want you to pay attention. "Typical Sales Pitch Guy", take it away ...

Hi, my name is "Typical Sales Pitch Guy" and I will show you the ins-and-outs. I will even show you how JILL works in the video below. JILL is artificial, intelligent, and too pretty to explain the rest. So, I will do that for her. Without further ado, ... Here's what happens next ...

1. We use a reverse 2up compensation plan with a very unique twist - a 100% Vertical exceleration Bonus.

2. We do this with a very low cost for the system, which tracks all sales for you, low cost for the ad packages, and you will have the added benefit of $5 infinity payments and exponential 100% Vertical exceleration Bonuses.

In the above example you made 10 direct sales and were paid $5 for each of them.

You don't keep $50, you get to keep $40.  Why?  Here's the best part...

It is Very Important to note:

We pay out a FULL 100% of every AD Pack sold ($5 direct to the seller and $5 in a 100% Vertical exceleration Match)

This is an industry FIRST and what Explodes your income! Let's get back to the Best part, ...

You keep your 1st and 3rd sales and passup your 2nd and 4th sales only to your sponsor.  Why do that you say?  Well, that  is the whole magic behind the system that can make you very wealthy.  And, we haven't even mentionsed the 100% Vertical exceleration Bonuses.

You now have 8 Moneylines - Original 10 minus 2 passups.  So, let's look at the HUGE money potential from these 8 Moneylines:

Each of the 8 moneylines will be passing up 2 new sales to you - TO INFINITY.  Let's do the math...

2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 = 4096 Let's say each 'x2' represents a full week in time.  So, that's 12 weeks in this example (for just one moneyline), and remember, you have 8 total moneylines.

12 weeks of duplication = 4096 x $5 = $20,480 in just 12 weeks.

Multiply this by 8 moneylines all doing the same thing and that's now - $20,480 x 8 = $163,840 total for 8 moneylines (you can create as many moneylines as you want - no limit).  Not too shabby for a one-time low cost program that you will own.  And, we haven't even talked about the crazy 100% Vertical exceleration Bonuses.

Let's get crazy with this example and say you have 8 referrals who each accomplish the above scenario...

Now we're talking 8 x $163,840 = $1.3+ Million.  Are you kidding me?  There's more...

Everytime there's duplication, you are receiving 2 additional money lines and, THIS TOO, GOES TO INFINITY (you could literally have hundreds of new moneylines - ALL duplicating and creating EVEN MORE new money lines that duplicate to infinity)!!

Are you beginning to see the amazing POWER behind this never been done before compensation plan?  $5 is such a tiny amount but, it really adds up FAST!  So, how much does all this cost?  Let's look at our product first...


$5 for Lifetime Hosting - Then, JILL pays 100% product purchases out to Members...


How much does it cost?
$15 one-time

No refunds.  Period.

Payment processors used?
Payza and Solid Trust Pay


Highly Targeted Advertising on our ever growing network in the form of display ads (banner ads).

$15 buys you 15,000 ad views.


We provide affiliates with your very own website just like this one.  It is coded with your affiliate link and is instantly delivered the moment you register.  Membership is free however, only those who make a purchase can participate in our compensation plan.


Yes, we are a worldwide business that can be accessed all around the word.  We do not allow those countries who promote terrorism.

If you can accept Payza and Solid Trust Pay, you can participate.

JILL sends You UNLIMITED $5 Payments Forever - Your Financial Life is about to change DRAMATICALLY...  Stay Thirsty, My Friends!!


Promote your businesses or products on our laser targeted network for one low price ...


  • “It' really am amazing concept that works like crazy.  You literally get paid to advertise your other businesses or products.  It's very targeted traffic you are attracting to your business too.  The compensation plan is out of this world and never done before and that doesn't hurt either.  I absolutely LOVE this.  My 5 Dolla Money Lines are growing daily.”

  • “First of all, I just want to say kuddos to you guys for bringing the average Jane and Joe a real opportunity.  I am so sick and tired of those get rich sitting on you butt, so called opportunities out there.  Yes, it takes a little work to get this started and all I did was sell the advertising value.  That's it.  To my surprise, my money lines began to grow and pay me $5 commissions over and over again.  These $5 payments really do add up fast.  I have made over $240 so far and in my country, that's a lot of money to start.  All I did was sell the advetising product, and it just took off into a nice paying REAL businesss.”

    TAO T.
  • “At first view, looks like a nice innovative tool, I like the great focus and time that was given to the responsive design.  I also like the simple and clear explanation on the compensation plan.  You can literally explain and understand it in under 3 minutes.  I think the site we get itself is worth more than low cost and likely why it sells so well.  And, you even throw in great advertising and a business opportunity as well.  My experience has been delightful.  Thanks you.”

    Success Coach



Email: 5DollaMoneyLines.com@gmail.com